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Who We Are

Neurofeedback Maui is an innovative brain health and mental wellness center. We are proud to be the first center in Maui, Hawaii to specialize in QEEG Brain Imaging (aka. BrainMapping) and “deep-brain” Neurofeedback training. We are a team of licensed professionals ready to make a positive change in the lives of those suffering from mental health disorders, stress-related issues, cognitive impairment, learning disorders, emotional or physical trauma and traumatic brain injuries. Our biopsychosocial approach addresses the whole-client through brain-function, mental health, and psychospiritual wellbeing.


How we Help and Begin the Healing Process

Have you tried different therapies, medications, treatment centers and found them lacking? That’s likely because they don’t address the underlying cause of mental health and behavioral issues – the brain. At Neurofeedback Maui (dba: Maui NeuroCare Center) we don’t just put a band-aid on our client’s problems, we use a variety of scientifically validated, highly individualized, brain-based interventions that get to the root of the problem and corrects it, without the need for years of therapy or daily pills.

There are over 100 billion neurons in our brain that communicate, make connections and fire in varying patterns. We have vital networking hubs, neurotransmitter activation, brain regions and lobes – all delicate systems working at once to create our own experience of reality, life as we know it. The brain effects everything you think, feel and do. While it is our most complex organ, it can also do the most damage in our lives. A healthy brain acts right. It knows when to slow down, speed up, use past experiences to override bad judgement, and wires together positive feedback to create healthy routines, relationships, and way of life.

Maui NeuroCare Center utilizes the most advanced, scientifically-backed 3D Brain-Imaging in Electromagnetic Tomography to chart the brain, creating a roadmap to see how efficiently your brain is performing. Revealing underlying brainwave imbalances, neuronal asymmetries and communication problems helps us target a perfect Neurofeedback protocol for your brain. This holistic, non-invasive, FDA-approved technology is an A-Level treatment for ADHD/ADD. We address brain-based issues with a brain-centered solution that uses learning and reinforcement, harnessing the innate power of the brain to regain balance to stay in healthier, more comfortable norms. There is no downtime; no electrical stimulation. Neurofeedback is a natural and highly effective treatment for most clinical issues. A balanced brain changes everything!


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Who Can Benefit

A Game-Changer in Mental Health

Many of my clients have come to me as a last-ditch effort after trying years of therapy, rehabilitation facilities, and countless treatments for their mental health ailments. After just one session of QEEG guided Neurofeedback, many clients report less anxiety, a sense of wellbeing, and mental clarity as their brain experiences what it’s like to be balanced for the first time in years or decades. Neurofeedback is an A-Level treatment for ADHD/ADD and highly effective treatment for anxiety, PTSD, OCD, depression, mood stability, sleep, addictions, mental sharpness, academic and athletic performance and more.

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Neurofeedback is the #1 treatment used for concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) in the US. Did you know our brain is the consistency of softened butter? During falls, car accidents, and sports injuries, our brain loses function by slowing down. This self-protective measure often remains in these sluggish frequencies until you receive treatment. Loss of clarity, word-finding, anger, impulsivity, comprehension, attention, indecision, insomnia or hypersomnia, anxiety and depression are just some of the devastating effects of TBIs. QEEG guided NFB makes the invisible, visible. NFB retrains areas of damage back to normalcy by restoring electrical oscillations, blood flow, neurotransmitters, and detoxification processes. We help you regain mental sharpness, emotional stability and get back to doing the things you love.

Peak Performance

If you are looking for an edge, you have found it! More research has been completed on the benefits of Neurofeedback for athletic performance and brain optimization than any other area of mental health. Research consistently confirms the advantageous use of NFB for athletes and peak performers, whether that be kinesthetic, academic, or creative. The benefits of an optimized brain cannot be undervalued: self-regulation helps performers to stay in the moment, be more decisive, increase flow-state, creativity, mental clarity, cognitive enhancement, mood and sleep. A balanced brain does not overthink, judge or criticize; it is in control, calm and focused. Neurotherapy improves our stress response while entraining the brain to “shift gears” into different brain-states effortlessly, so you can perform at your best every time.


Our Team

We are a team of licensed professionals ready to help you make a positive change in your life. With decades of work, research, and clinical experience in Neurobehavioral Clinical Science, Maui NeuroCare Center is not only the best choice, it’s the smart choice. Stephanie Garcia is a pioneer in the field of Neurofeedback, being the first to introduce this technology to Maui, Hawai’i in 2016. Since that time, she has served hundreds of clients in private practice with an unbeatable client success rate. Deborah Stote, PhD is Maui NeuroCare Center’s Clinical Consultant. She holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from UCLA and is a professor emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked extensively in the field of Neurofeedback throughout her education and career.  Stephanie Garcia was interviewed by National Public Radio and the New York Times on her work and continues to hold CEU educational seminars for professionals and write articles for local publications.
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie GarciaLMFT, BCN
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Board Certified Neurotherapist | Brainspotting Practitioner | Certified Brain Health Coach
Deborah Stote
Deborah StotePhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Behavioral Neuroscientist | Certified Sex Therapist | Public Speaker

Our Testimonials

“Neurofeedback has been a game-changer for me. I got my life back on track. As an adult, I started experiencing waves of depression and anxiety for no apparent reason. This led me to not being able to focus on my daily tasks at work and affected my social life as well. I did 20 sessions last year and noticed a huge difference even after my first session. I was skeptical about going in but amazed by the final results. I’m not on any medications, I’m happier, focused, motivated….really just doing better all around. I am grateful for this technology and even more grateful for Stephanie Garcia. She was very professional and easy to open up to. I highly recommend her and this process.”
Erik N.
“Neurotherapy and Stephanie have truly changed my life in such a short time. I have only been to 3 neurofeedback sessions, but I have seen significant improvements in focus, happiness, and lowered levels of anxiety and depression. I have taken medication, attend basically every therapy available on planet Earth for the last 4 years and this has been BY FAR the most affective treatment, and I’m not even near finished. I am so eager to keep attending the train pain/neurofeedback sessions. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction I highly recommend trying this out as it is non-invasive!

Stephanie is an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated licensed marriage and family counselor. She recently held a conference on addiction and neurofeedback on Maui, and is constantly read up on the latest science concerning the brain and how to optimize performance. She is a very astute and intuitive counselor and simultaneously extremely professional. I felt my opinions and feedback as a client was validated and valued at all times. Explanations for what I experienced during sessions were backed by scientific findings which Stephanie would discuss. but she was also very open to hearing my interpretations of my experience and sensations I felt during a neurofeedback session.”

Jon W., Your Content Goes Here
“If I had to describe my experience with NFM and their use of neurofeedback to treat my condition I would say that it has awakened and rejuvenated my mind. I would recommend that anyone suffering from mental fatigue or traumatic stress give it a try, as it has had a positive affect on my life and fort that I am grateful. Thank you Mrs. Stephanie Garcia for introducing this life-changing technology to me in my treatment. I am forever grateful! You are a true professional.”
Jeremy G., Your Content Goes Here
Jeremy G., asdf

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