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Our Story

Our first NeuroCare Center aka: Neurofeedback Maui was was established in May of 2016 in Maui, Hawai’i.

We opened our center after searching for alternative brain-based treatments for clients who I knew psychotherapy would not be enough to effect a significant change. I saw clients struggling to save their mental health; in and out of residential, outpatient, and psychiatric treatment centers and bouncing from one therapist to the next. Many have severe trauma, which my training informed me takes root in the primitive, subcortical (non-verbal) regions of the brain. Just how do we advance our techniques to go straight to the source of “injury” and help people reclaim their lives?

My research led me to Neurofeedback, and I was stunned to learn no one was using this incredible, research-based treatment, clinically. From there, our first Neurofeedback center was born. Dr. Deborah Stote, UCLA trained Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Neuroscientist was a key contributor to the center’s start, bringing with her invaluable expertise in neuropsychology. With the help of Dr. Stote, and Dr. Domijon, Behavioral Neuroscientist and thirty-year University of Texas Professor, we held an educational training for Hawai’i professionals on the benefits of Neurofeedback for Addictions and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Since our doors opened in May of 2016, I have solely focused on improving brain-directed care and client outcomes. We have seen hundreds of satisfied clients and witnessed countless transformative experiences. 


Stephanie J. Garcia, LMFT, BCN / Owner & Founder

Our Mission & Guiding Values

At Tyler NeuroCare Center, our goal is to utilize the most advanced innovations in neuroscience to change the way we look at mental health, diagnoses, and treatment. Utilizing the most cutting-edge, advanced technologies available, our mission is to help clients reclaim their lives by returning brain balance; including Central Nervous System response and optimal cognitive functioning. Think of your brain as an orchestra; when all musicians are in sync, the sound is harmonious. If one instrument is out of tune or off-key, the sound is impaired and can impact the entire symphony. Your brain works in much the same way. Think of your brainwaves as the instruments used in the orchestra. When your brainwaves (which carry all your physiological data) are in harmony, life gets easier. Problems that were once overwhelming seem easy to overcome. When your brain is in tune and optimized, it can easily shift gears into states it needs to access for the task at hand. When brainwaves are out of balance, it affects other areas of the brain and causes mental, emotional, and even physical problems. We have seen several hundreds of cases of clients recovering from seemingly hopeless states of mind and body.

At Tyler NeuroCare, we never stop learning. This is crucial to our practice and providing the best treatments to our clients. We are always improving our methods and relying on hard science and verified clinical research to keep our practice not only the best choice – but the smart choice for our clients. Lastly, we give back. Part of each dollar earned goes to our Brain Warrior’s Fund that helps children and adolescents with head injuries receive from us the treatment they need at no cost.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, with the advantages of brain imaging, we compare actual brain function to a normative database, used by research labs and hospitals around the world. We can see asymmetries in brainwave function, hyper or hypo connection (or communication) across vital hubs and systems of the brain, as well as wave activity that is functioning too quickly or slowly. Unfortunately, with the latest science at hand, most people still are diagnosed based on the subjective information given to clinicians and put on medications they might otherwise not need.

Informed with the raw data of the brain, clients can make an informed choice surrounding their care. Neuroplasticity has well documented the brain’s ability to heal and restore using Neurotherapy. We create an individualized treatment program that addresses our client’s precise needs. Using methods of learning, restructuring and rewiring, instead of relying on daily medication or other temporary fixes.

Who We Help

Neurofeedback is a system that has been employed for over 70 years. It was first discovered in Barry Sterman’s UCLA’s lab where it was stumbled upon, like most scientific advances, to treat epilepsy. Clients who have benefited are as young as two and up to 97 years of age. Science has shown that no matter what ails you, there are specific regions of the brain that are responding to this distress. Our EEG Biomarker Match (shown to the left) shows us actual EEG patterns presenting themselves in the brain, and to what degree the pattern appears. This is matched to the client’s self-reported symptoms, allowing us to treat underlying issues as well as presenting concerns. We work to balance these areas, allow for connectivity and communication between brain regions at the exact speeds needed for optimal brain performance. In 2008, Neurofeedback was scientifically rated as an A-Level treatment for ADD/ADHD, the highest-rated treatment available, among stimulant medications.

Neurofeedback is commonly used in addiction and eating disorder treatment centers around the world as well as top-notch schools and the Veterans Association for PTSD. Research has found it efficacious for treating epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, depression, addictions, improving memory, IQ, cognitive performance and more. We believe, as do our clients, that anyone can benefit from Neurofeedback.


Our Team

Stephanie Garcia

LMFT, BCN Owner, Founder

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I moved to Maui when I was still a teen.
I studied at the University of Hawaii for my undergraduate degrees and earned a Bachelor of Science with honors in Social Sciences- Psychology, Sociology & Political Science. While at UH I focused on public service, giving back to my community and university. There I received numerous awards and scholarships including UH’s Regents Award for Public Service, The Executive Women’s International Scholarship, and one of the most prestigious scholarships in the nation, the Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate scholarship. I later earned another full-ride, Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship.
My graduate studies focused on Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed several internships focusing on diverse populations. I received additional certifications in Substance Abuse Counseling and Brainspotting.
Throughout my graduate studies, I came to realize psychotherapy and behavioral therapy would not be enough for certain people in their suffering. I became certified in Neurofeedback and hold the highest level of Board Certification in Neurotherapy.
When I am not working intensively with clients, I am often immersed in a book, riding dirt bikes with my family of boys, playing with my English Bulldogs, or in a yoga or Barre class!

Deborah Stote

PhD Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Consultant

Dr. Deborah Stote was born and raised in Southern California, where she studied at UCLA for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Deborah earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Neuroscience and is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Stote is an expert in substance use disorders, sexual addictions, anxiety and insomnia. She is also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Rapid Desensitization).

Dr. Stote has held many prestigious positions, including teaching graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin, and a clinical supervisor at Promises Treatment Center. She serves as Neurofeedback Maui’s Clinical Consultant.



All testimonials were freely given by our clients for public use

“I feel more alive. My wife notices I’m much calmer with her and the kids. I am back to work, don’t have the anxiety and stress filled days like before. This training has saved my marriage and made me a better role model for my kids.”

“I have my clarity and clear mind back! I no longer search for simple words that used to escape me. My anxiety and stress tolerance are so much improved, and my work takes me less than half the time to complete since I started working with Stephanie.”

“My panic attacks have subsided. I don’t wake up with that jolting, cortisol rush feeling that I am in fear and cannot face the day. I sleep better than I ever have and wake up calm, clear, and refreshed. Overall, Neurofeedback has given me hope. Hope to get my life back.”

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