Functional Brain Imaging

QEEG Brain Mapping for targeted Neurofeedback Training


Our Brain is an Electro-Chemical Organ!

Every brain cell we have has electrical power. Utilizing Quantified Electroencephalography (QEEG) “Quantified Electrical-Brain-Graph” uses 3D renderings of these electrical firings in the brain, quantifying cognitive function and connectivity between brain regions in thermal imaging. This allows us to view, much like an MRI how the brain functions in real-time. It gives us an objective measure of underlying concussions or diagnoses and a targeted roadmap for individualized brain-based treatment. We can see the racing thoughts of an anxious mind, or the slowing of the frontal lobes in a person with attentional problems.. Just about anything diagnosed in the DSM-5, we can find correlating aberrant patterns of behavior occurring in the brain.

The brain affects everything you think, feel and do. When the brain is in balance, our minds and lives are in harmony. We can handle daily stressors with more grace and ease, we are less apt to depression and anxiety. With a sense of wellbeing and clarity of mind, creativity flows and we become more attuned with our authentic selves. Neuromodulation through Neurofeedback training is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to help enrich your life while optimizing brain functioning. Our innovative, non-invasive neuromodulation technology addresses a wide array of neurological disorders and mental health problems, enhancing cognitive and athletic performance.

For those who have tried pharmaceuticals, rehabilitation facilities and other therapies without success, there is another approach you may want to try. Brain-based disorders take a different approach to fully address the underlying issues which reside inside the brain itself. We offer a holistic, learning-based alternative. Neurofeedback uses operant conditioning to retrain your brain through repetition and practice to stay in the healthy frequencies, which encourages neuronal growth, increases blood flow, oxygenation, and neurotransmitters to the areas you need it most. We train the brain to work at its fullest capacity – to switch gears at the appropriate time, to improve coordination, mood, memory, and self-regulation of thoughts, feelings, and focus. Neurofeedback has been proven to improve your intelligence quotient. Like an x-ray of the brain, when we can see the problem, we can treat it. A balanced brain changes everything!


Neurofeedback is the highest clinically rated treatment for ADHD and ADD. In controlled studies improvements in attention, long and short term memory, problem solving abilities, focus, comprehension and processing speed all improved after 20 sessions of neurofeedback training. Many children can reduce or stop taking their medication entirely with the right number of sessions; and best yet, the results are long-lasting; this is opposed to pharmaceutical remedies, which do not include the behaviorial learning component and only Band-Aid the problem until the medication wears off. With neurofeedback, the child learns new behaviors, impulse control, and using the areas of the brain needed for the task at hand.


Neurofeedback improves learning skills by training areas of the brain needed for executive functioning such as reading, writing math and auditory and visual processing. Several areas of the brain are involved in the process of learning, Our proceedure improves the coordination and communication between these areas. When the timing of communication between these areas of the brain is off, it slows processing and the child must ?catch up? to digest new information coming through; often missing much of what is being taught. Neurofeedback directly trains these areas to communicate effectively for a smoother, less stressful learning experience.

Head Trauma

NF is recognized as one of the only treatments for traumatic brain injury. Each type of injury, from minor to severe has detrimental effects to the individual, oftentimes subtle and unrealized to the individual. These symptoms can include a lack of motivation, deficits in memory, speech and articulation, mood (depression and anxiety), sleep disturbances, a quick temper, tendencies towards anger and aggression. With strokes and head trauma, brown outs in electrical firings occur in certain areas of the brain; causing neurotransmitters, nutrients, and electrical stimulation to be pulled away from certain areas, causing other areas of the brain to over-compensate. Neurofeedback works to change the direction of activity, increasing stimulation in these affected areas. Typically recovery is profound and progress occurs rather quickly with head trauma patients.


Dr. Shari Corbitt, the former VP of Promises Recovery Center conducted a study which found 77% of patients who received NF training remained abstinent from all drugs and alcohol at a one-year follow-up. This data was collected using collateral information; using testimonies from close friends/family members to corroborate that the person is substance free. These results are incredible when looking at addiction recovery statistics!

Peak Performance

“The zone” or “flow state” are terms coined by athletes and artists to reflect the experience of mind and body in perfect rhythm. Where movements are perfect and spot-on, and the brain works in perfect synchronicity with the body. In 2006, Italy’s soccer team won the World Cup after training with the same neurofeedback system used in our office.

Cognitive Enhancement

Neurofeedback has been long used as a mental fitness program. Studies show a 9 to 23 point increase on the Wechsler Intelligence Quotient test completed by Dr. Othmer, President of the Neurofeedback division of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Additionally, at a one-year follow up, the clients who incorporated neurofeedback with meditation showed significant gains in creativity, memory, cognition and lowered stress levels.

What Is Neurofeedback?

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Neurofeedback & PTSD – Using SPECT Imaging

Neurofeedback & ADHD

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Our Testimonials

“Neurofeedback has been a game-changer for me. I got my life back on track. As an adult, I started experiencing waves of depression and anxiety for no apparent reason. This led me to not being able to focus on my daily tasks at work and affected my social life as well. I did 20 sessions last year and noticed a huge difference even after my first session. I was skeptical about going in but amazed by the final results. I’m not on any medications, I’m happier, focused, motivated….really just doing better all around. I am grateful for this technology and even more grateful for Stephanie Garcia. She was very professional and easy to open up to. I highly recommend her and this process.”
Erik N.

“If I had to describe my experience with NeuroCare Center of Maui and their use of neurofeedback to treat my condition I would say that it has awakened and rejuvenated my mind. I would recommend that anyone suffering from mental fatigue or traumatic stress give it a try, as it has had a positive effect on my life and for that I am grateful. Thank you Mrs. Stephanie Garcia for introducing this life-changing technology to me in my treatment. I am forever grateful! You are a true professional.”

Jeremy G.

“As someone who has dealt with depressive and obsessive compulsive type symptoms for years, I cannot believe that this treatment was not suggested sooner in my life. It is possible to identify difficult thought patterns in your life, and with the aid of software of the software, change the functioning of your brain to overwrite established thought patterns that may be causing distress. Even after one session focusing on a certain situation, I found that when I encountered it next it did not bring up such strong feelings within me. I could see people and situations with fresh eyes and act appropriately rather than through a filter influenced by the past which had previously colored my judgement.”

“I am so grateful I met Stephanie and had the opportunity to work with her. She always listened with an empathetic ear and her heart was into her work. Stephanie challenged me and encouraged me in ways I didn’t know to be possible. I cannot say how thankful I am for Stephanie and all of her wonderful guidance. Working with Stephanie allowed me to work through my anxiety, PTSD, ADD and most importantly my eating disorder. Because of the work I was able to do with Stephanie I can enjoy the life I always dreamed and hoped for. I cannot say thank you enough.”

Emily C.