Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD: Is it Safe? Is it Effective?


Neurofeedback for ADHD: Is it Safe? Is it Effective? Neurofeedback for ADHD: Is it Safe? Is it Effective Maui Mama Magazine, Author Stephanie Garcia, LMFT, BCN Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological condition that is characterized by inattentiveness, impulsivity, problems with attention and focus, and hyperactivity. According to [...]

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Staying Sharp in Late Adulthood


Neurofeedback Training Facilitates Working memory Performance in Older Adults SMR Neurofeedback Training Facilitates Working Memory Performance in Healthy Older Adults: A Behavioral and EEG Study Cognitive aging has become a major concern because life expectancy has increased and elderly populations are socially and economically active. Neurofeedback is a technique of neuromodulation through [...]

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Improving Your Alpha/Theta Ratio


"Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback is like Meditation on Steroids" - NY Times Alpha brainwaves are closely tied to feelings of intense relaxation and inventive thinking. We tend to be more creative when Alpha waves are our state of mind. Occurring at frequencies between 7-12 Hz, Alpha waves make us alert while simultaneously decreasing feelings of [...]

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Optimizing Athletic Performance


Brain Optimization for Peak Performers Though previously applied in more clinical contexts, recent years have seen an increase in popularity for Neurofeedback training in the world of professional sport. Athletes and coaches constantly strive to create the most optimal conditions, both mentally and physically, in order to triumph in a highly competitive and [...]

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